Dedicated and Confidential

Peter Edwards is an experienced leader, coach, father and mentor who understands the need every person has for confidential and me-focused conversations. He helps you bring a new dimension to your leadership, workplace and life. Through Peter’s coaching, the quality of each person’s insights and sense of empowerment is enhanced, leading to more of their potential being expressed in their life and workplace.

Unwavering Principles

Peter’s unwavering guiding principles: Faith, Perseverance and Excellence synonymously represent his commitment to helping each person and organisation be their best. Peter is driven by the belief that each person is created uniquely in God’s image and blessed with unending potential and incredible gifts. Peter is dedicated to his purpose of improving the performance and wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations through coaching.

Exploring the whole landscape

Drawing on systems theory, Peter uses a whole-of-person landscape model to structure the coaching conversation. Questions explore the person’s internal world, their Purpose to Results spectrum, their external environment and other factors that influence these. Working with the whole person within the content in which they operate, enables change to achieve the desired outcomes.

Grounded in real-life experience

Peter’s coaching draws on his high emotional intelligence and significant life and leadership experience, especially his proven strength in affecting cultural change in difficult environments and is informed by the latest research in adult learning and development, neuroscience and cognitive psychology.


Specialist Emergency Physician increases productivity by 20%

Joanne, a Specialist Emergency Physician, met with Peter to discuss the frustration she experienced because of her inability to get through the administration tasks her role demanded, and clear the backlog of emails. She was also dissatisfied with her inability to complete study and professional learning, and write for conference presentations. This had been the reality for several years. Her backlog of emails numbered in the hundreds and she had been writing the same tasks on the To Do List for months!

Through analysis of her Purpose – Results spectrum, including time management and organizational strategies, Peter helped Joanne identify and implement affective domain behaviours unique to her needs, ways of thinking, environmental impacts and personality, and increased her productivity by 20% after only one coaching session. She maintained this increase and is no longer frustrated by incomplete tasks, email backlogs, wasted time and feelings of being unproductive. Imagine what could have been achieved if that 20% increased had occurred 10 years ago?