Leadership Solutions Coaching unlocks potential, lifts engagement and boosts the performance of your leaders to create dynamic and focused organisations

We provide coaching for individuals and teams across your organisation, ensuring the most supportive environment possible to increase the motivation and professional development of your people.

We work with leaders transitioning to a new role, geography, demographic, organisation or all four.

Successful organisations identify and nurture their talent, helping individuals to travel on a long and engaged journey within the organisation. Career coaching helps you grow the best and keep the best.

Transitioning from a technical expert to a people leader is fraught with pitfalls and a challenge that coaching can significantly support.

Coaching is an integral component of transferring the learning of leadership or professional learning programs into the workplace.

Individual Coaching facilitates transformation and accelerates development and is tailored to the individual’s situation and needs.

Benefits to coaching individuals in the workspace or life include:

  • Improvement in performance, targets and goals
  • Increased openness to personal learning and development
  • Increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Greater ownership and responsibility
  • Development of self-awareness
  • Improvement of specific skills or behaviour
  • Greater clarity in roles and objectives
  • The opportunity to correct behaviour/performance difficulties

Team Analysis and Coaching with teams of any size, structure and function, enable them to operate as more than the sum of their parts

Successful businesses cannot rely on the leadership, productivity and innovation of a few peak performers. Loyalty to the organisation is no longer assured, nor is the positional longevity of people in key roles. Organisations must enlist the resources and talents of people at all levels in the organisation, and within each team, to future proof their business. Our team coaching includes analysis of purpose, values, beliefs, behaviours, strengths, non-strengths, communication styles, unspoken agreements and unspoken expectations. We work from a strengths perspective with the team to craft shared Purpose to Results agreements and really bring the team together.

Benefits of team analysis and coaching include:

  • Builds team dynamics, collaboration and productivity
  • Increases performance, longevity and effectiveness
  • Reduces friction, conflict, stress and absenteeism
  • Builds trust, awareness, accountability and relationships
  • Increases engagement and staff retention
  • Promotes innovation and openness in sharing of ideas
Professional Learning

Professional Learning coupled with organisational coaching leads to reduced isolation, better informed and committed employees and bottom-line outcomes in any organisation

A well-structured professional learning community builds collective responsibility for the overall development, outcomes and success of the organisation. It defines best practice and creates greater innovation and new knowledge and beliefs, for the benefit of the organisation.

We offer professional learning opportunities in:

  • Time Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Understanding, Resolving and Coaching through Conflict
  • Difficult Conversations
  • High Performing Teams